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PCB dispensing automatic dispensing machine for Longmen disp

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The most important choice of dispensing machine is divided into three aspects, dispensing quality, dispensing speed and dispensing costs, why is the cost, because the cost is less, the enterprise can earn more, everything is of interest for the front, so save the production is also very important, Longmen is a type of automatic dispensing dispensing machine developed in China that is suitable for domestic rubber industry production, one of which is PCB.
Double head automatic dispensing machine
Longmen type automatic dispensing machine capable of dispensing is suitable in PCB there are many examples, is suitable in the production of demand can come out from the dispensing machine on, because the dispensing function effect of dispensing inappropriate will obviously be a lot worse, so we can test the Longmen type dispensing operation automatic dispensing machine substantial results.
PCB is an integrated plate, combined with a variety of devices, but also a square plate, the other only x/y/z three axis dispenser dispensing, dispensing machine in Longmen more than three axis dispensing machine shaft called the four axis dispensing machine, so can back and forth dispensing, dispensing can comprehensively for the PCB board.
Large Longmen automatic dispensing machine
Once upon a time because there is no such technology, so is the use of substrate moving way, so there is a big disadvantage, not only to control the dispensing machine, for substrate control, such costs are high, but also prone to problems, will have a gantry automatic dispensing machine, so now, gantry type automatic the dispensing machine is dedicated to PCB plate dispensing.
Longmen type hot melt adhesive automatic dispensing machine
Longmen type automatic dispensing machine or large equipment, can fully meet all the different types of PCB plate dispensing, dispensing machine of other types and there are also some suitable PCB plate dispensing, but to a maximum production speed and best quality to choose Longmen type automatic dispensing machine.