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Six Characteristics of Ground Visual Coating Machine

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The landing visual glue dispensing machine for assembly line is mainly composed of solid-state cabinet dispensing equipment, CCD vision positioning system, spray dispensing valve and assembly line device. It is a high-precision visual glue dispensing machine, which can be used for dispensing of any industrial product, non-contact, no fixed product and suitable for high-precision dispensing. Products. Now we want to talk about the six characteristics of the floor-mounted visual gluing machine made in China.
1. German imports of high-definition cameras, visual control systems and jet dispensing valves. From the German production process, pneumatic jet valve in the dispensing industry performance, belongs to ultra-high precision dispensing technology, fast, accurate dispensing, good control.
2. Non-contact Application Technology
视觉全自动涂胶机 The products have no surface contact with rubber valves and can be used for bonding, bottom filling, fixed point filling, surface installation, bonding, test paper spraying, stacking packaging, etc. These are the characteristics of dispensing, and there are many core dispensing technologies.
3. High precision and high speed dispensing
The high precision control system uses the minimum dose of 2 nl, the highest frequency of 280 Hz and the highest glue viscosity of 100 000 mpas.
4. CCD vision high precision dispensing
Visual glue dispensing machine equipment can carry CCD visual dispensing system, with high-precision visual positioning automatic recognition, without precision fixture, equivalent to giving the machine a pair of big "eyes".
5. Various types of compatible fluids, low, medium and high viscosities
视觉涂胶机设备 It can be used in solder paste, hot melt adhesives, UV adhesives, red adhesives, black adhesives, epoxy adhesives, paints, ink solvents/epoxy adhesives and other liquids.
6. Real Value Reporting Test
Solder paste: The minimum diameter of spraying glue is 0.4 mm, and the minimum diameter of spraying glue is 0.5 mm.
Hot melt adhesive: the minimum diameter of spray adhesive is 0.25 mm, the minimum diameter of spray adhesive is 0.3 mm, and the accuracy is 98%.