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Machine for sealing and gluing in mobile computer field

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The gluing process of each component of flat cell phone is different, including chip gluing, boundary bonding, screen sealing dispensing, etc. The neutral system equipped the whole mobile phone combination with the corresponding professional dispensing equipment. For example, the visual jet coating machine is used as one of the main machine types for mobile phone sealant coating.
The screen of mobile phone is sealed by dispensing glue. A special dispensing device, called cabinet intelligent visual dispensing machine, is designed. It is mainly used for sealing dispensing. Many friends who do not know much about dispensing equipment may not know that automatic dispensing machine can increase the visual effect.
Function of Visual Gluing Equipment
The small edition should make a brief description of the equipment of the visual glue dispensing machine. With the visual glue dispensing operation system, it can play the function of intelligent positioning glue dispensing. It can accurately locate glue dispensing in advance, and also realize the high-precision glue dispensing technology. It can not only finish the dispensing task quickly, but also ensure the quality of glue dispensing and avoid the appearance of defective products, thus reducing the production Cost of the manufacturer.
Jet dispensing valve
If the production budget is adequate, it is suggested that the spray dispensing valve and visual system should be equipped in the equipment of the glue dispensing machine to achieve high-speed and accurate dispensing effect. The speed of the spray dispensing valve can reach 280 times per second and the glue volume can reach 2nL, which is not the requirement of the ordinary dispensing valve.
The manufacturer of the medium-sized glue dispensing machine applies the core dispensing technology to mobile phone sealant, applies it to various mobile phone fields for dispensing, and provides professional mobile phone dispensing application solutions, perfectly solves the requirements of packaging and dispensing in the mobile phone industry, and truly realizes high quality and high output.