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There are many potential application fields of automatic dis

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In our country, the development of manufacturing industry form influenced by changes of the world economic system, some large foreign enterprises are often produced by the form of outsourcing, the famous apple mobile phone is used in the form of outsourcing to Foxconn processing, as the time to promote China's labor force is no longer an advantage, the cost and the west not much difference between the developed countries, the western developed countries feel this, have to automated production direction, caused some blow to China's manufacturing industry.
Double liquid automatic dispensing machine
Automatic dispensing machine is packaged docking equipment commonly used in industrial production, due to fully automated dispensing mode for manufacturers can save a lot of labor costs, has been widely used in western developed countries, after being introduced into China to impact the traditional manual dispensing and manual dispensing generally uneven coating, no glue etc. by using the automatic dispensing function to avoid these problems, make the production line is characterized by high quality and strong consistency of embodiment.
Hot melt adhesive automatic dispensing machine
Automatic dispensing machine is mainly used in the field of microelectronics chip and Led chip industry, microelectronics production due to relatively small, so in addition to ensure consistency of the dispensing link also can affect the performance of chip, by using full automatic glue dispensing mode can help more consumers with high quality, so the chip dust after dispensing moisture, can withstand a certain degree of impact without affecting the normal use. The fixed work between the Led lamp and the base plate is realized by the automatic dispensing machine, so that the LED lamp can be fixed on the substrate for a long time.
Mobile phone screen dispenser
In the automotive industry and construction industry, automatic dispensing machine also plays a role in the production of these materials, the production of docking coating process will be completed by automatic dispensing, in the next period of time, the total production and marketing of automatic dispenser will be proportional to increasing.