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Bottom-up of displaying screen glue filling machine with out

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  LED display screen glue-filling machine is an application equipment in the production process. With the application of mechanical equipment, the original manual glue-filling production mode has gradually been replaced by automatic glue-filling equipment. The display screen glue-filling machine can be applied to the industry needs of light-emitting diode module glue-filling, light-emitting diode display screen glue-filling, digital electronic glue-filling operation and so on. Medium.
Why can automatic equipment replace manual glue? Is it efficient to use glue filler for light emitting diodes? Many users of glue filling machines question similar issues, so it is necessary to elaborate on this device to help users better control the characteristics of this application device.
1. Display screen glue filling machine has the characteristics of automatic glue control, which can effectively control glue volume, and has the function of automatic control to strengthen the control of glue curing rate.
2. It can be applied to all kinds of glue, including commonly used low and medium viscosity glue, such as two-component glue control, which is widely used in glue coating equipment.
3. The glue-filling machine can also satisfy the flexibility of manual glue-filling. Some LED products have higher filling requirements. The displaying glue dispenser can realize uniform glue dispensing and glue dispensing, and can control glue dispensing without touching the lamp beads, so as to ensure that the lamp beads are not polluted by glue.
The appearance of display screen glue filling machine can effectively improve the glue filling efficiency, and even improve the glue filling technology. It is an option for intelligent users to control production.