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The control method of dispensing machine's dispensing quanti

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 The amount of glue produced in quick-drying glue dispensing machine and automatic dispensing machine is very important, and the control method of the amount of glue produced is very important, because it directly affects the quality of product glue. In order to understand the control method of glue quantity, it is necessary to understand two ways of glue distribution. The first way of dispensing is to exert pressure on the glue, which will press the glue from the dispensing needle to the surface or inside of the product. The second method is to set the discharge time. The longer the release time is, the larger the amount of the release is, and vice versa.p
Following is a detailed analysis of the glue control method:
1: Firstly, the quantity of each dispensing product is calculated. The calculation method is to measure the volume of the product distribution point. The volume is the amount of each dispensing.  
2: Knowing that the amount of glue allocated can not achieve the purpose of accurate dispensing, we must control the amount of glue dispensing machine, and the amount of glue allocated in a certain period of time must be equal to the volume of product distribution. If the setting time is longer, the discharge volume will be larger.  
3: If liquid glue is used and has certain fluidity, it is recommended to use pneumatic dispensing machine. Because of its anti-suction function, when the first gum dropping is completed, the phenomenon of automatic gum outflow can be prevented by air pressure anti-suction, thus ensuring the accuracy of gum outflow.  
4: If the glue used is viscous and requires high precision, it may be considered whether to use spiral valve or to increase the fluidity of glue by adding heating function.