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Technology of glue filling for LED copper lamp

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Glue filling of LED copper lamp
Most of the current LED lights are used outdoors, so they need to be waterproof, and they need to be filled with glue.
自动灌胶机 There will be a small hole in the middle of the LED lamp. The diameter of the hole is usually very small, about three or four millimeters. However, for glue filling, it is generally necessary to insert the needle into the small hole, so there is a high demand for the motion accuracy of the glue filling machine. You can also pay more attention to the motion accuracy of the glue filling machine when purchasing.
So what should we pay attention to when filling the LED copper lamp?
自动灌胶机 At present, the light transmittance of LED lamp is very good, and there is no bubble when dispensing. So when dispensing with dispensing machine, a vacuum pumping step is needed before dispensing. This step is to make the glue have no bubble, and then the glue of LED lamp dispensing on the market is polyurethane glue. The glue is made of polyurethane glue. It's easy to crystallize when it's dry, so we need to pay attention to the anti crystallization treatment when filling.
The above is the use of glue filling machine for LED copper lamp glue filling process and technical problems, I hope to help you.