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How to realize Longmen automatic dispensing slit dispensing

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The PCB board is integrated using many different devices, there will be a small gap between the small parts, these places need or need the dispensing package, dispensing machine technology is relatively high, and has a superb dispensing equipment is this Longmen type automatic dispensing machine, dedicated to PCB plate dispensing, dispensing the basic function is to deal with PCB plate problems.
The slit is PCB dispensing often need dispensing place, general PCB has thousands of devices, and are relatively small, between the two can not get interference, need to use glue to package, this can improve the PCB board function, in the choice of dispensing machine can not casually use a device, need select the type of Longshan automatic dispensing machine most main dispensing equipment.
Longmen type automatic dispensing machine can use two modes or a dispensing package is a dispenser, contact methods, according to different requirements with two kinds of glue dispensing mode, the general problem is the use of contact dispensing mode, you need to use in the dispensing slit like jet.
The jet is now dispensing accuracy is a model of the highest, dispensing can use this mode is on the market more popular styles, such as: jet type automatic dispensing machine, jet dispensing machine vision, basic dispensing accuracy has reached 0.005, and the speed can reach 1000 dispensing points / sec, of course this is the time of the data, but in reality the speed is very fast.
This is the Longmen automatic dispensing machine can slit the main reason for dispensing, actually this is also called the Longmen PCB dispensing machine automatic dispensing machine, is a special type of dispensing equipment.