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Correct installation of filling valve

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Many manufacturers need to use the glue filling machine for glue filling. Do you know the working principle and correct installation method of the glue filling valve on the glue filling machine? Knowing the right way to install the glue filling valve and its working principle can help you choose the right glue filling valve for you, which can improve your production efficiency and quality again.
自动灌胶阀 In fact, the installation method of glue filling valve is very simple. Let's first understand what kind of glue filling valve there are. In large part, it can be divided into two types. One is electric and the other is electric. According to the applicable glue, it can be divided into two liquid and single liquid glue filling valves. In addition, it can be classified according to the viscosity of the glue used.
Double filling valve is to mix the two kinds of glue evenly and then apply glue. It can give full play to the characteristics of the mixed glue. It can mix a variety of proportions of glue, which is the function of double filling valve. Generally speaking, the installation method of the filling valve is the same.
双组份灌胶阀 However, for a single glue filling valve, only one glue can be used. In fact, it doesn't matter which kind of glue filling valve your products need. For a glue like silica gel, only one glue filling valve can be used to seal silica gel. For a glue like AB mixed glue, a double glue filling valve is needed.
The types of automatic glue filling machine are also divided into two categories, one is desktop type, the other is floor type. This classification has no impact on the installation mode of glue filling valve. First, we need to find out where the glue filling valve should be placed on the glue filling machine, and then find out the appropriate screws and tighten them to the appropriate position, which is the installation mode of glue filling valve.