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Replacement of packaging accessories can maintain the perfor

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  The parts used in the dispenser are not permanent. With the increase of service time, the parts of the parts will be worn. For example, the sealing ring will be corroded by glue, resulting in leakage of glue and air. The replacement of packaging parts can keep the performance of the dispenser in its original state. The dispensing effect is still the same, which can meet the special production requirements.
  Generally, the fluid dispensing valve only needs to replace the sealing ring, and other accessories basically need to be replaced. Because they are made of stainless steel or aluminum, they have high corrosion resistance. Only when the sealing ring is made of colloidal material and will be corroded, it needs to be replaced. In the dispensing machine, in addition to the fluid dispensing machine, there are also dispensing needles, which are also frequently replaced accessories, which are easily consumed by us Product.
  In the replacement of package accessories, the piston spring inside the fluid dispensing valve is in use for half a year, which is better to keep enough elasticity. The piston spring is used to stretch the axis of the fluid dispensing valve, push the glue and suction back, which is directly related to the piston spring. The insufficient elasticity will directly lead to the insufficient glue output, resulting in insufficient power.
  In order to maintain the performance of the dispenser, the parts must be replaced. It is impossible that a machine can be used for ten years and eight years without replacing the parts. Not to mention domestic products, Nissan can not have such technology. Although the performance is better, the consumables still need to be replaced. Replacing the parts is not routine.