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Special automatic dispenser for pipeline

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Dispensing machine is now the most popular equipment for dispensing industry, can be applied to the pipeline and non pipeline where the general assembly production can be used in the electronics industry and the mobile phone industry, some of the LED industry is, some high-end lamp is the use of non production line. In the assembly line production needs fast dispensing function, so to use a good dispensing machine, dispenser enterprises developed a large automatic dispensing machine.
Large automatic dispensing machine because the area is large, can install a lot of accessories, can provide enough power for dispensing machine, come on let glue dispensing machine, of course also have speed precision and accuracy, so as to point out the perfect glue, or can not meet the requirements of speed glue point.
Electronic products are the use of automated production mode, there are few basic manual production, or some small production enterprises, so the production process needs to determine whether or not the product problems, if there is another input it is not cost-effective, you need to use machine vision to monitor products, to ensure the quality of the product, large automatic dispensing machine has such functions.
The visual system is generally installed in the large automatic dispensing machine, because of the need to install too many accessories, so only in accordance with the large dispensing machine installation, combined with computer can make rapid analysis of the defective products are not separated, dispensing, acceptance of the finished product, can be divided into those who need to be reworked products.
In the pipeline operation is relatively fast, otherwise the product will cause accumulation, so make the product quality will be worse than the general products, particularly in the electronics industry and the mobile phone industry, and can not appear some problems, or behind the impact is very big, this kind of enterprise losses more serious, production line selection large automatic dispensing machine.