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UV glue for data line points

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  Data line dispensing is normal. In order to ensure better connectivity between the line and the interface, prevent it from being torn, and play a good role in protection, our company's Chinese made automatic glue applicator manufacturer specializes in producing automatic glue dispensing equipment. In order to solve the problem of data line dispensing, UV glue dispensing needs to be equipped with UV lights, and the combination of the two can give full play to the effect of UV glue dispenser.
  UV glue dispenser is equipped with automatic glue applicator and UV lamp. After glue dispensing, the data line is immediately delivered to the UV lamp for glue curing and packaging. If the UV glue is not irradiated by the UV lamp, the curing speed is very fast, probably within 3 seconds, very fast. It takes 1 second for glue dispensing. Ten data lines can be placed at the same time for each glue dispensing.
  UV dispenser is the best way to use UV glue. Because UV glue is different from other types of glue, it needs special lamp irradiation to solve the problem of glue solidification. Therefore, our company specially produces an automatic glue applicator suitable for UV glue to solve the problem of slow glue solidification, so as to achieve faster production.
  The function of automatic glue applicator is dispensing and UV lamp irradiation, which can fundamentally solve the problem of UV glue dispensing and curing. A UV glue applicator can achieve a variety of functions, without multi station operation, save costs, speed up production, and achieve the maximum production quantity in the minimum time, which is the advantage of our production machine.
  If you need data line dispensing equipment, you can contact our company. There is a special reception project to solve the customer's needs. We recommend a suitable automatic glue applicator. The company's contact number is 136-62812-001. Welcome to consult and hope to cooperate with your company.