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Practical application characteristics and dispensing technic

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  UV glue has a wide range of practical applications, including earphones, data lines, Bluetooth, toys, watches, CDs, buzzers and so on. There are at least hundreds of industries involved. Due to the good glue characteristics, the price of UV glue can be sold to Baiyuan 30ml glue. There are still a large number of manufacturers using UV glue, which shows that UV glue is very popular in the glue industry.
  Characteristics of UV glue: it is a kind of glue that has solidification effect by light irradiation. After UV irradiation, it will speed up the solidification speed. After solidification, the quality is very strong, it is not easy to fall off, and the aging speed is slow, which makes the cost of the glue popular. Moreover, after solidification, the color of the glue is transparent, and it will not turn yellow or hundred chemical phenomenon after long-term use. UV glue is solid International application is more extensive than I said.
  The glue used for the glue dispensing of the earphone line will also be Uvglue. The quality of the earphone after the glue dispensing will be better and the sound quality will be improved. In fact, the price of the earphone is low. It mainly depends on what technology is used when it is glued. The poor glue will affect the quality of the adhesive film. The sound film is the key to directly affect the sound quality. A layer of glue needs to be applied to the sound film, and then a layer of sound mask needs to be pasted. The price is high The processing technology here is good. The headphone cable dispensing also adopts such technology, which can support the quality of headphones. After dispensing, the headphone cable has good pulling effect, which is not easy or easy to pull off the headphone cable.
  UV glue has low flammability and high safety. It has great advantages for the automatic production line. In addition, the glue effect is very fast. So for the automatic production line, time is money, which can realize dispensing and curing faster, and the product quality is guaranteed. This is the best production method. UV glue can be used with UV dispenser, and the headphone line dispensing is UV dispenser.