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Tips for purchasing large visual dispenser

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The purchase of large-scale visual dispensing machine must recognize the strength of the manufacturer. Generally, the price of large-scale machine starts at 100000 yuan, and the price of some automatic production lines is often over one million yuan. Some manufacturers without strength may fail to meet the standard, but in fact, they dare not accept large orders, and have contracts, which will not only drag other companies, but also drag their own companies.
Purchase of large visual dispensing machine
1. Given the machine requirements, product dispensing, glue type, glue delivery control, production speed, etc., all these requirements are given to the manufacturer, we can roughly estimate what machine to use and whether the machine can be made, and we can probably know.
2. For machines, we need to have the concept of cost control, about how many machines are needed.
3. Service requirements. Some manufacturers don't have a complete system. If the after-sales service doesn't meet the standard, they recommend it.
4. The manufacturer is required to attach a list of accessories to be used, and how long is the production cycle.
5. Provide completed company information.
In the above four points, we can probably select some qualified manufacturers, and then we can talk with each other further. We can observe whether he has the experience of producing large-scale visual dispenser from the conversation. We also call your company to list some successful cases. These can get accurate answers, so that we can choose the right large-scale visual dispenser in this company, and we can also prove that this company has the ability to produce large-scale machines Experience of instrument.
In fact, every manufacturer wants to make a large order. Of course, it needs to measure their own strength. Not all manufacturers have production technology requirements. By giving manufacturer data, we can tell whether the manufacturer has strength or not, and we are not too worried that the manufacturer will cheat us. Now, it is a society ruled by law, with the address of the manufacturer, it can not run, and the machine needs to be seen and used before it can be delivered to the province Money.