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Table top automatic multi axis glue applicator

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There are many types of tabletop gluing machine, not limited to double station. Today, a multi axis single station automatic gluing machine is introduced, which can achieve gluing for multiple products at the same time. It has a good modification in technology, and can control three or four dispensing valves to release glue at the same time, that is to say, in the same time, the production is increased by four times.
Features of multi axis glue applicator
1. With the same use time, the production capacity of the product can reach multiple times of the single axis.
2. A system is used to control multiple dispensing heads, the production is synchronous, and the product quality is consistent.
3. The production products need to be consistent and cannot have different requirements.
4. The dispensing accuracy can be controlled, and the mechanical shaft is fixed well. Although it can be adjusted twice, the gluing process will not move.
5. The dispensing file can be downloaded by U disk, and the machine can also store a large number of programs and files.
6. The mechanical coating is large, and the products within 20mm ~ 600mm can be coated.
Working principle of multi axis glue applicator
Each glue applicator will be equipped with a set of constant control system, which is mainly used to control the glue parameters (glue output, glue closing, lifting shaft, etc.), control the glue dispensing control and mechanical shaft, so that the output of the glue dispensing controller is consistent with the air pressure value of the glue dispensing valve, and ensure the consistency of the glue output. A three-dimensional clamp will be installed on the mechanical shaft, and multiple glue dispensing valves can be placed, and each glue dispensing valve is parallel, with the same height, and points The effect is very good, there will be no uneven dispensing.
  Multi axis gluing machine is a kind of gluing machine mainly produced by our company. It has good working performance, can realize diversified gluing requirements, simple operation and convenient use. It also has the ability to specially design tools and replace products. It can still use the same machine, realize multi-purpose of one machine, and maximize the price of the machine.