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Working principle of spray type automatic glue applicator

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  With the development of industrial technology, more and more industrial robots have been applied, including spray coating machines, which are used in dispensing industry. Our company specializes in manufacturing and selling machines and equipment. If you want to know the working principle of spray automatic coating, today I'll tell you about its working principle and see what automation equipment.
  Working principle of spray type glue applicator: the glue is delivered from the pressure barrel to the spray valve, and the current is used to increase, and there is also air pressure. There will be a pressure inside the dispensing valve, which will be in the state of being pressed before dispensing, and then the glue outlet will be opened quickly, which will be sprayed in a fast state to complete dispensing.

  Characteristics of spray type automatic glue applicator

  1. With visual dispensing system and visual image function, it can achieve high-precision coating technology.
  2. As a control system, PLC + computer also has the function of handle programming, which is really very convenient and can receive programs with U disk.
  3. For low viscosity glue use effect is better, mahjong spray paint, jewelry dispensing, lighting dispensing, drilling and so on.
  4. Combined accessories are high-precision products, visual devices and computer devices.
   5. With automatic positioning dispensing function, so as to improve work efficiency.

  Spray speed of glue applicator

  Spray type glue applicator belongs to the reinforced version of three-axis glue dispenser, which can meet some technical requirements that cannot be met. The glue application speed is also the speed that some equipment cannot reach, which can reach the production speed of 800mm / s, 5 / 4 faster than the general speed. At present, it has limitations. It has high requirements for glue water, cannot use high viscosity or two-component glue, and the promotion degree is not very high, If you need high precision dispensing equipment, you can find our company!