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Full automatic tailstock and lamp filling machine

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Generally, double liquid glue is used for filling automobile lamps. After mixing, the glue is poured into the products. According to the requirements of the products for glue, the glue that meets the requirements is silica gel, which has the functions of waterproof, shockproof and heat dissipation, as well as certain heat resistance. If the lamp is turned on for a long time, there will be heat generation. If the glue does not have heat resistance, it will cause the glue to melt, which still fails to meet the requirements for filling automobile lamps.
  The mixing ratio of two components is not very high, but the viscosity of glue is higher, but it is still difficult to reach our machine. Using full-automatic glue pouring machine as glue pouring equipment has better technology for glue fluidity control and glue pouring bubble elimination. Our company has overcome the problem of using glue for automobile lamp, and can realize automatic glue pouring and solve the problem of manual glue pouring.
  The fluidity of glue refers to the natural flow effect of glue itself. According to the fast and slow judgment, the viscosity of glue is high and low, and the requirements for high viscosity are higher. There are requirements for air pressure or accessories. The two-component silica gel is used for automobile lamp glue filling, which is a kind of high viscosity glue. Although it is lower than the example, the mixing requirements are still very high. Accessories: electric mixing dispensing valve, vacuum defoaming assembly Set, funnel pressure bucket and so on, as well as a large number of accessories, can be familiar with the car lamp filling.
  Characteristics of two component floor filling machine
1. Automation: the machine has a high degree of automation, and can be automatically executed when the presentation is set.
2. Metering pump: the output of glue a and glue B are controlled by metering pump, and glue can be output in proportion.
3. Dynamic and static dispensing valve selection, easy to use high viscosity and low glue.
4. Automatic cleaning device, because of the large volume of the two-component floor filling machine, manual cleaning is not convenient, using machine cleaning.
5. Glue filling detection: it can not only detect the amount of glue remaining, but also understand the pipe glue.
6. According to the difficulty and complexity of glue filling, double head or multi head glue filling shall be selected properly.
7. Glue heating is installed on the pressure barrel of the automatic glue filling machine to meet some special requirements of glue.
8. Vacuum defoaming device: after the two-component glue is mixed, it is easy to have bubbles, which need to be eliminated.
9. It can be used with assembly line, and the effect is very good.