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N95 mask earband welding machine on the spot

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  N95 mask earband welding machine is available now! It's in stock! It's in stock! At present, our company has a large number of production, a batch of 100 sets are in stock, delivery time is 5 days, cash on delivery, if you have money, I have quantity, we can work together! Your company needs 100 machines, which can be produced and assembled in five days. Our company invests a lot of manpower and material resources, and the production efficiency is very fast. If you need, you can contact us.
  Main configuration of ear belt welding machine
  Working power and power: AC220V 50 / 60Hz 2.5kW
  Compressed air: 0.4 ~ 0.7MPa primary filtration
  Product qualification rate: 99.8% (caused by raw materials and human operation)
  Equipment failure rate: ≤± 2%
  Equipment specification: length, width and height: 100 * 700 * 1600mm
  Production efficiency: 15 ~ 20pcs / min
  Lead time: 5 ~ 10 (starting from ordering)
  Ambient temperature / humidity 0 ~ 50 ℃ / 15-85%

  Institutional part

  Name material quantity name material quantity
  Welding mechanism: stainless steel, aluminum alloy: 1 set; transmission mechanism: chain, aluminum alloy: 1 set
   Guide mechanism: stainless steel, aluminum alloy: 1 set; electric box mechanism: sheet metal, aluminum alloy: 1 set
  N95 mask earband welding machine is sold on the spot, and the price is also the market price. If you need a large quantity, the price will be lower. A batch of 100 sets can be produced. If you have a demand, you can find our company, and we can provide it from the spot. Our company produces a large number of N95 mask earband welding machines. Our company address is No.1, 6th Street, 128 Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City.
  The mask ear belt welding machine produced by our company meets the welding requirements of disposable mask and N95 mask ear wire rope at present. One ear belt can be changed at a time, and the speed of single ear is faster, which has great effect on dispensing effect, and also changes production. There are many advantages in speed. Although the price is more expensive than single ear, the speed is incomparable.