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Non standard fully automatic accessories hot melt glue dispe

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  Hot melt glue dispensing valve and temperature control device are indispensable for hot melt glue dispensing. Because hot melt glue belongs to solid glue, hot melt glue can be dispensing only when it has fluidity after melting. Dispensing accessories are used with care. According to the requirements of industry and glue, which type of dispensing equipment and accessories can be used? There are many other dispensing industries that need dispensing. This is the case for dispensing accessories .
  4331 dispensing machine is a standard dispensing machine type, which adopts desktop structure, with three axes and operating system. As long as the accessory controller and dispensing device are available, dispensing can be carried out. For example: dispensing of plastic frame, using hot-melt glue, if dispensing task is to be carried out, temperature controller and hot-melt glue dispensing valve need to be added to the 4331 dispensing machine to melt the glue, and then dispensing of plastic frame , point other types of glue, with other dispensing valve can be.
  There are many types of dispensing machine, but also some standard types. The standard is relatively simple, and it doesn't need to be reassembled. If you install the accessories directly, you can carry out dispensing tasks, thus saving a lot of time. The standard models are available, and there are many dispensing accessories, so you can install them directly and conduct machine debugging, The machine assembly is completed, then the product dispensing debugging is completed, the whole machine is installed, the parts are installed well, which can realize the dispensing technology of point, arc, circle, irregular curve and straight line, and the plane products can carry out dispensing task.
  Straight line dispensing technology is the basic technology of 4331 dispensing machine. The plane straight line can stably apply glue. The glue quantity of the starting point position and the end position is the same, or even overlaps. Each product can be controlled to such an effect. The hot-melt glue dispensing effect is set according to the product requirements, and the dispensing task can be realized. According to the above requirements, our company can clearly conclude that the straight-line dispensing technology can be realized Now, 4331 dispensing machine with corresponding accessories can achieve multi-functional dispensing effect.