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Modern solder paste dispensing mode, automatic completion of

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The modern way of solder paste dispensing is to use machines instead of manual soldering to mechanical soldering, so as to replace the low-efficiency soldering, and to use more efficient methods to realize automatic production. At present, there are machines integrating soldering machine, screwing and dispensing machine, which gradually replace the manual production and make more reasonable use of manual production.
Mechanical automatic production is the trend of the industry. Due to the lack of labor and technical transformation, manual dispensing is not suitable for the market demand gradually, with high cost and low efficiency. The product quality cannot be guaranteed. The production with machines is different. There is a professional automatic dispensing machine, which can realize solder paste dispensing. According to the needs of each point in the industry, it can be applied. Solder paste dispensing machine belongs to the type of automatic dispensing machine However, it is equipped with accessories that meet the requirements of dispensing with high viscosity liquid, such as screw dispensing valve, which can achieve a single component glue viscosity of less than 30000 and adjustable glue width.
How to use the solder paste? I have a general idea. The solder paste dispenser produced by our company is completely because of the needs of the manufacturer. It can be used for targeted production, and the effect will not cause glue blockage. The production effect is particularly good. Our company can design the appropriate machine type according to the needs of the manufacturer. The solder paste dispenser with screw dispensing valve is aimed at the solder paste viscosity, because the viscosity is not good , with high initiative, how to use solder paste also has a clear way.
Screw dispensing valve is a voltage valve, which is driven by air pressure and electric drive, and is used with dispensing syringe. The effect is very convenient. The syringe stores glue, and the screw dispensing valve is used as the drive, which can deliver the glue of the syringe, and then dispensing. The high viscosity liquid dispensing basically adopts this method. The advantages of screw control lie in accuracy and accuracy, Although the general dispensing valve has the effect of back absorption, it is not obvious. In special cases, there may be leakage of glue. For solder paste dispensing, there is no core demand. How to use solder paste? Maybe your company has a certain degree of understanding. If you need, please contact our manufacturer!