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How to choose the multi axis automatic dispensing machine in

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Packaging industry is one of the two major industries of dispensing machine use, another is the glue dispensing industry, industry is a small industry, is generally the bulb lamp will use glue technology, put them into an industry, before dispensing machine industry has introduced how to select multi axis automatic dispensing machine manufacturers now, to the packaging industry manufacturers how to choose multi axis automatic dispensing machine.
Packaging industry and dispensing industry requirements are not the same, the two requirements are also very different, so the choice of what needs to pay attention to it?
First, whether the glue is even.
Second, for the glue control is in place.
Third, continue to glue and glue speed is fast.
Fourth, glue point control is accurate.
According to these four points requires the selection of dispensing machine, can not meet these four requirements will not be able to meet the requirements of the packaging industry, and the four is the entry criteria, has not reached the standard range of maximum, if the manufacturers of multi axis automatic dispensing machine. These requirements are not reached is not a lot of shaft manufacturers automatic dispensing machine.
In fact, choice of manufacturers is relatively simple, but in many multi axis automatic dispensing machine to choose the required equipment is quite difficult, so also need to be familiar with the familiar dispensing machine, which is of great help for the selection of dispensing machines, more multi axis automatic dispensing machine manufacturers on the market, it will be more difficult to choose.
In fact, Shenzhen is a manufacturer of multi axis automatic dispensing machine is good, is called Shenzhen mechanical equipment limited company, has many years of production experience and dispensing machine, also has the responsibility of a lot of rich experience in the production of many shaft automatic dispensing machine, the entrepreneur can choose to see, may be able to find multi axis automatic dispenser right.