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Apply sealant to electric heating vacuum high temperature fu

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  The sealing of high temperature furnace refers to the inside of this industry. Because there are many medium and high temperature furnaces, what our company can meet is the gluing of small and medium-sized high temperature furnaces, similar to large-scale high temperature furnaces. At present, there is no professional technology to achieve gluing. Because the product is too large, the dispensing accuracy is very high, and the machine type also needs to meet, so we need super large machines. At present, our company has Sealing technology of medium and small high temperature furnace.
  In the industry with high application temperature, the glue must be matched, unable to bear the high temperature, and can be applied, but there is no way to do it. According to the past effect, your company can use high temperature sealant, and with our company's sealing tape applicator, the glue can meet the demand, and the machine is the same. The gluing effect is good, and the stability is high, and the glue can be continuously applied for 24 hours. How to use it is not good Will have problems with product quality, high-temperature glue application industry, can use our company's sealing tape applicator.
  The application of high-temperature sealant requires the use of specific machines, which can guarantee the product effect. For example, the products of electric heating high-temperature furnace and vacuum high-temperature furnace are different, and the application technology also has great requirements. To avoid the dispensing problem, the corresponding dispensing technology can be used to solve the problem, so as to ensure the production quality and speed. The advantages of machine production are very obvious, the quality and speed All have been greatly improved.
  High temperature glue is applied to the sealing of insulation layer B of nuclear subtraction. It is also the sealing tape applicator of our company. There are many types of machines with different lengths, which can be produced according to the requirements of production characteristics. The high temperature furnace has corresponding machines, and the insulation layer B of nuclear subtraction has corresponding machines. The technology is the same, and the characteristics of the machines have changed to make it more in line with the requirements of product sealing. The production technology of each machine is different The machine applying high temperature sealant is required to realize production, and the sealing quality of high temperature furnace sealing and reduction B insulation layer can be guaranteed.
  The sealing strip gluing machine is a non-point gluing machine manufactured by our company, which can fundamentally solve the dispensing problem. The products produced by our company can have a good gluing effect. The high-temperature glue application can also be matched with our gluing machine, which can directly solve the gluing problem without drawing, leakage and good sealing effect, so as to ensure the gluing effect.