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Double liquid epoxy glue filling

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  For epoxy glue filling, talk about the dispensing accessories to be matched. Because the glue usage is very large, the conventional use method is to use funnel pressure bucket, because the glue can be added midway, avoid using large-scale pressure bucket, and fundamentally solve the problem of glue quantity. The type of pressure bucket depends on the glue usage and characteristics. As a pressure bucket manufacturer, our company has Prepare the technology of producing various types of pressure barrels.
  For the selection of dispensing equipment, it is better to choose according to the actual production situation. For example, when epoxy glue is injected, there will be bubbles and mixing problems. When epoxy glue is delivered from the funnel pressure bucket, it will be directly solved by the vacuum defoaming pump, and then to the dispensing valve, it needs to be equipped with a mixing device to mix the glue evenly, and then inject the glue, so as to achieve an overall production flow That's what Cheng is like.
  The selection of dispensing equipment is to start from the production demand, configure appropriate dispensing accessories, so as to achieve glue filling. The core of the machine is to have a good understanding of the product characteristics and glue. Our company designs the corresponding equipment according to the dispensing effect of the product, which can quickly solve the dispensing problem. Our equipment has good dispensing technology, which can quickly solve the dispensing problem H can finish dispensing and filling tasks quickly by using our machines. We have many machines and accessories, simple matching, and easy to meet the production demand. The manufacturers of dispensing machines and pressure barrels, as well as dispensing valves, are producing the core dispensing equipment required.
  Screw pressure barrel and funnel pressure barrel belong to non-standard pressure barrel type, each product is manufactured according to the order requirements, for example: your company needs 10 liters, other companies need 5 liters, each is different, the price is also different, in order to better meet the manufacturer's requirements, our company will match the production demand to produce, which is the advantage of pressure barrel manufacturers, and the selection of dispensing equipment is more simple, no choice More manufacturers communicate with us. Our price is very low, and after-sales service is guaranteed.