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Glue dispensing of intelligent thyristor module

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  Thyristor module dispensing is a fully automatic dispensing machine produced by our company, with screw dispensing technology, which can solve the problem of precision dispensing and have higher core precision. According to the core demand of ready-made production, our company can make corresponding machines to meet the demand of thyristor module dispensing. Let's take a look at the machines produced by our company.
  For dispensing in an industry, you need to know the type and viscosity of glue, dispensing width, product placement quantity and production speed requirements before you can configure a proper dispensing machine. For example, you can apply glue on the main board of frequency converter. Because the main board is large in specification and uses heat-conducting silica gel, our company has equipped a desktop type double axis dispensing machine. You can place a product on the left and right y-axis, and you can place glue on the Y1 and Y2 Products, production and placement are not delayed.
  The heat-conducting silica gel is 330ml glue, which is the same as the usual storage method of glass glue. In order to be more convenient to use, our company has installed silica gel sleeve, which can store the whole heat-conducting silica gel. It does not need to extrude the glue, but also can carry out dispensing, which is simple and easy to control. In addition, we also compensate the dispensing valve to control the glue amount and dispensing accuracy, so the dispensing effect in the thyristor module will be better , simpler, guaranteed quality and improved speed.
  The function of silica gel sleeve is to prepare for 290-330ml glue mounting. When there was no dispenser before, we could only use glue gun. The effect is definitely not good, the control quantity is not stable, the precision is low, and it does not meet the demand of SCR module dispensing. It is gradually changed to dispenser production. Not to mention this industry, many industries are the same. The main board of frequency converter is also coated with glue. Our company is in Shima dispenser factory Home to understand the core dispensing mode, if you need to contact our company Oh!
  Stone horse dispenser means that our company has a post-sale place in this place, and our headquarters is very close. In Tangxia 128 Industrial Zone, it belongs to the same town. It is very convenient to buy machines, look at factories and after-sale. Now many manufacturers are looking for nearby manufacturers. Our company has been operating in Tangxia for many years, and the quality of machines is very stable, and there are very few after-sale problems, which are in high-precision demand The dispensing performance of the thyristor module is still excellent.