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Chinese machine hot melt on tablet

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The hot-melt adhesive is mainly applied to the battery part of the back shell of the tablet computer, which can play the role of water-proof, protection and heat insulation. The battery is easy to touch water at the back, and it will generate heat and other problems when it is used for a long time. When the hot-melt adhesive is used, the glue will not melt at high temperature, and has a certain heat insulation effect, and the bonding effect is good.
Dispensing process
Blow out the dust on the back of the computer - place the product manually - glue the machine - take the product for installation - wait for the glue to dry.
Generally, desktop dispensing machine is used. Hot melt glue head will be installed on the mechanical shaft. Glue will be placed inside the dispensing syringe. Generally, the amount of glue required for tablet dispensing is very low. One glue can be used for two to three hours. It is also very convenient to change glue. Put glue particles in the syringe, and then melt and dispensing can be carried out. Relatively convenient, the machine can enter for a long time Line dispensing, is another program control, as long as the setting of a program, can be used for life.
The dispensing machine has a very large working platform. Computers within 400mm * 400mm * 100mm can be dispensing, and the specifications can be customized. The specifications can be 1m, and the dispensing requirements of any type of tablet computer can be met, and the precision is not very high. The desktop dispensing machine class produced by our company can meet the precision demand of 0.01mm, which is the main reason why our company can dispensing on the tablet computer 1、 Our company also developed the dispensing of cosmetic boxes and other boxes.
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