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Difference between voltage and air pressure dispensing valve

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There is a big difference between the voltage and the air pressure dispensing valve. If you don't understand the difference, you may be sure that the price of the voltage valve is too high. In fact, you will know where the price difference is. Select two representative dispensing valves as a reference, which are the 3131 dispensing valve and the piezoelectric injection valve, to see the difference between the voltage and the air pressure dispensing valve.
Difference between two dispensing valves
Parameter type piezoelectric injection valve 3131 dispensing valve
Dispensing accuracy: 0.01mm 0.1mm
Dispensing speed: 1000 / min 600 / min
Dispensing mode: non-contact dispensing contact dispensing
Material: high corrosion and high temperature resistant material 304 stainless steel
Sealing: super good according to the service life of sealing ring
Cleaning: easy to disassemble in five seconds
Glue viscosity 200000 100000
Back suction function: suction awesome, no glue leakage, no drawing effect, glue glue, glue viscosity not match, suction effect general.
喷射阀 Price: 18000 300
There are many characteristics of the spray valve. Why do some high-end product manufacturers use the spray valve? The main reason is that the speed and quality are guaranteed. In particular, the viscosity glue can realize two products in one second. At present, there is no other dispensing valve that can do it. The slowest is one second per valve. The speed has been calculated fast. The piezoelectric spray valve breaks through the dispensing speed of the product. At present, the piezoelectric injection valve with good quality is mainly imported.
The difference between voltage and air pressure dispensing valve is very big. If you need fast and efficient dispensing requirements, it is recommended to use piezoelectric spray valve. Dispensing requirements are not very high. Ordinary dispensing valve can meet the requirements. Just use 3131 dispensing valve. Each dispensing valve has corresponding core data. If the product quality can guarantee the core requirements, just use it. Only use high-end valve It's icing on the cake. The price difference is still large.