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New energy PTC heating element coated with yellow glue

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  New energy has always used glue technology, such as: power battery and PTC heating element, all of which meet the needs with glue technology. In fact, glue can play a very good role in solidification, high temperature resistance, waterproof, insulation, heat dissipation and flame retardant, etc. How to play the glue performance, we need to combine the machine produced by our company's Wanjiang dispenser manufacturer to enter Apply the PTC heating element glue, apply the glue on the product completely, let it play the corresponding characteristics.
  The application of yellow glue to the new energy PTC heating element is a new case that our company has contacted. The power supply has been applied with glue before, and then the manufacturer has applied glue to the heating element. Therefore, our company has produced a new type of glue applicator in order to achieve dispensing. Due to the small size of PTC heating element, the glue application straight-line technology should be very stable, otherwise there will be deviation, which will lead to the failure of installation, the product will be scrapped directly, and the glue application precision will reach The company has many years of experience in production. It has offices in all areas of Dongguan and research and development centers in Shenzhen, so it has the glue coating technology in new energy products.
  The application of fire-retardant yellow glue requires the use of high viscosity and high precision yellow glue dispensing valve. The viscosity of the glue is high, and the accuracy of the applied products is high, so the requirements are very strict. If the error range is exceeded, it will fail. Because the new energy vehicle is a very strict process, otherwise it will have a great impact on people. After a lot of tests, our company has applied yellow glue to the new energy PTC heating element today Technology is also used in the application of yellow glue to computer hard disk, and the effect of electronic yellow glue technology is also very good. The yellow glue dispensing valve is the equipment developed by our company, which can meet the requirements of applying flame-retardant yellow glue and electronic yellow glue, and the dispensing accuracy is adjustable, so it is a very convenient dispensing accessory.
  If you need new energy PTC heating element coating or need to change the supplier, you can find our company! It can solve coating precision, flow control, production speed and error range, etc., which are our commitment to ensure that we can meet the demand. Welcome to contact us by telephone: 13662812001