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Textile coating

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  Textiles also need to be glued. Some patterns need to be glued. Two kinds of glues are commonly used: yellow glue and hot-melt glue. They are non-toxic, harmless and non irritating. They are suitable for gluing on textiles. Our company produces a multi axis gluing machine for textile gluing. In order to strengthen the gluing effect, the machine can realize pattern gluing technology and plane gluing The pattern can be dispensing at will, which is conducive to the textile pattern bonding, will have a better effect, each position is coated with glue.
  Yellow glue is also known as the all-purpose glue. In addition to applying glue to textiles, it can also be applied to aluminum-plastic plates. To complete the application, you need to know the products and glue of the manufacturer, so that you can match the appropriate glue applicator. Because the manufacturer has different demands for precision, speed and quality, and so on. The machines produced by our company are also to solve these problems Problem, just need the manufacturer to tell us the demand, can produce the corresponding gluing machine, for example: aluminum plastic plate gluing, the manufacturer needs a full-automatic gluing machine, but didn't tell us the product and gluing requirements, although we have produced a gluing machine, but the production speed is slow, later we learned that the product, the gluing requirements are very low, mainly in speed, and then our company upgraded the machine Machine, into a multi axis gelatinizer, once only changed the production speed, so that it has faster efficiency.
  Our company will try our best to meet the needs of manufacturers, which is our service tenet. According to the market demand, our company will always strive to develop new gluing equipment. In the aspect of textile gluing, our company also has a certain contribution. If you have such needs, you can send them to our company! Our company will directly make the gluing scheme and proofing effect for your company, and then see if it can meet the core needs of the manufacturer. If it is suitable, we can do it again, if not, we can see again.
  In the aspect of universal glue application, our company adopts the suction type glue valve with the functions of suction and flow control, which can perfectly solve the problem of glue flow. Both textile glue application and aluminum-plastic plate glue application can use the core accessories, and the effect can be controlled by our company. The suction type glue valve adopts the combination of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which has good corrosion resistance, simple structure, easy disassembly and cleaning, and uses 10000 yuan It does not need to be cleaned every day, but only needs to change the dispensing needle.