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Steel net scraping red glue

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  The steel mesh squeegee is a machine refitted from a desktop dispenser, and the axis of the machine is only two axes, X and Z axes, Y axis is the fixed axis, and the working platform is fixed. According to the steel mesh manufacturing, the glue is no longer stored through the pressure bucket, but placed on the Y axis, the squeegee is to place the steel mesh on the Y axis platform, and then the squeegee is carried out, and the steel mesh is coated with glue, and then Take it up.
  The traditional way is no longer used for scraping the steel mesh. The dispensing valve is modified into a core scraping plate, and the glue is placed on the plate. In this way, the scraping of the steel mesh can be completed on both sides. The speed is fast and even. This is actually tested. The scraping method of the steel mesh is faster than the general red glue dispensing effect, and it needs to be coated in one strip, which is certainly not completed together. The process is made according to the demand How can we compare the effect of making and finishing it properly?

  Characteristics of red glue

  1. The higher the temperature, the higher the hardening effect, about 150 °
  2. Glue paste shape, poor liquidity, after scraping the steel mesh, it will adhere to it, and will not flow naturally.
  3. The hardening effect is very good, and the requirements for hard conditions are not very high, which is more convenient.
  4. Easy to clean, just use alcohol and ethyl ester to finish cleaning.
  5. Under special conditions, the curing speed is very fast, basically completed in 60 seconds.
  Red glue dispensing and scraping are very different, and the use mode of the machine has changed. Although the operation mode is very simple, to understand the type of machine, we have two machines. If you need the steel mesh scraper, you can find our company! There will be a special technical staff reception, but also a full set of service processes, from the production mode, effect, quality, machine selection and how much money, professional reception, full service.
  Our company also has desktop visual dispensing machine for red glue dispensing. We can basically meet the core technology of dispensing. The price of a red glue dispensing machine is determined by accessories. For example, the price of desktop visual dispensing machine is about 40000, while the price of ordinary three-axis   desktop dispensing machine is about 16000, and the price of steel mesh scraping machine is about 15000 Right, the most expensive machine for red glue dispensing, probably 200000 yuan, is a full-automatic visual dispensing machine with assembly line, which can meet the requirements of machine feeding, dispensing, heating, curing and conveying, and the price of red glue dispensing machine will be quite expensive.