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Potting adhesive epoxy resin dispensing

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  In addition to the electric toothbrush, the main applications of potting glue are electronic components: capacitor, resistor, power supply, relay, circuit board, led, junction box, magnetic core bonding and filter potting, etc., covering 90% of these industries. The application range is very wide. The machines that need to be used frequently are dispensers and dispensers, which need a large flow of irrigation Glue technology, can quickly solve the problem of product filling speed and quality.
  The production speed of machine is four to six times that of manual production. It depends on what type of machine is used, and the quality is worth affirming, because it is impossible for the manufacturer to purchase a machine with 10% defective products as the production equipment. Only when the defective rate is qualified can the machine be used. It proves that the epoxy resin dispensing machine produced by our company is in line with the specific requirements of the manufacturer, and we can also decide There is a big difference between the manufacturer's mode of production and the requirements of conditions for manufacturing machines. To avoid that the machines produced earlier do not meet the core requirements of the manufacturer, our company will make corresponding changes. Many customers call and quote prices. In fact, it is difficult to quote. We need to understand the production conditions and requirements to meet the quotation conditions.
  Although the machines for capacitor filling and electric toothbrush dispensing are epoxy resin dispensers, the dispensing methods and accessories are different, and the price will be high and low. We can't quote the price of the electric toothbrush dispensing machine. The manufacturer only needs to know that our company is specialized in dispensing and pouring potting glue, which can meet the requirements of capacitor gluing and magnetic core gluing Meet the demand, in line with the core products such as electric toothbrush dispensing, our company will give a reasonable price.
  The application effect of potting glue is determined by the machine, and the price determines which type of dispenser is used. The machine can completely solve the problem of glue replacement, inaccurate glue filling, uncontrolled glue quantity, uneven product quality, etc. these problems will not occur again. Otherwise, the machine will be sent free of charge. This is our strength, which can not be satisfied and will not be blown randomly. The production effect of solid products depends entirely on the production effect.