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Solar junction box gluing machine

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  As an automatic gluing machine manufacturer, at present, many gluing and dispensing industries will use our machines, such as solar junction box gluing and solar panel gluing, and other industries can produce suitable gluing machines for their production. Today, let's talk about the solar junction box gluing machine produced by our company. What kind of gluing equipment is it? Can it meet the requirements What about the solar glue coating requirements?
  The machine to be introduced today is a desktop gluing machine, which belongs to a double platform machine. It is equipped with a professional dispensing controller and a large flow dispensing valve. Because the viscosity of the silica gel used is high, it needs to be controlled by the corresponding dispensing valve. Therefore, with the high viscosity dispensing valve, it has a better effect on the gluing effect. Each product collocation is carefully considered. According to the type of glue, it should match the corresponding dispensing device. The solar junction box should be coated with professional silica gel, which should have high temperature resistance, water resistance, cold resistance, sun protection and corrosion resistance.
  The silicone used for solar cell gluing has been developed by our company for a long time. It took us half a year to complete the work after cooperating with the senior glue manufacturers. The glue type is silica gel with high viscosity. It has the characteristics mentioned above. It belongs to the professional glue type for solar cell gluing, which is in line with the adhesive effect. Other glues have no obvious bonding effect. We have tested it before, and it always comes off The phenomenon of falling, our automatic gluing machine manufacturers and glue manufacturers jointly developed a special silicone, let it be used in solar cell glue filling, the effect is really good, our company for Zhejiang production of solar energy customers to deal with this thorny problem.
  For glue type also have understanding, if your company has this kind of demand, welcome to send the product to test! Can do free proofing video, and then send the sample back to see how the product effect is, and then think that it is OK to buy the machine, your company can come to the scene to see the product production! Can see how the desktop type gluing machine is used to glue the solar junction box and whether the production mode is convenient.