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Huawei mobile phone quick filling glue case

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  Why can the official fast charging cost 35 ~ 45 yuan / piece, while the fast charging made by other manufacturers only costs 10 ~ 15 yuan? In addition to technical problems, there are also great differences in technology. Generally speaking, the difference in the weight of the fast charging products sold by the government is obvious. The weight represents the glue filling in the quick charging. The glue filling has the sealing, insulation and heat dissipation effects, which ensures that the fast charging process has good guarantee, so as to avoid short circuit and burning.
  The fast charging equipment produced by Huawei is also the glue filling equipment produced by our company. The four head glue filling method is adopted. Each control quantity is stable, and the difference can be controlled within 0.1 mm. The accuracy is very good. The glue is generally two-component silica gel, and the silica gel has good stability. The characteristics of glue also meet the requirements of Huawei fast filling glue. Since the fast charging load is much higher than that of ordinary chargers, small chargers can When it reaches 1200W, most machines rarely reach it. Only one computer can reach more than 100 W. fast charging needs to bear a lot of heat. The quality of glue is relatively good. This glue is jointly developed by Huawei Company and glue manufacturers, and the machine has chosen my home. It is our honor to contribute to Huawei's fast filling glue.
  Huawei quick filling glue is also a machine type that our company has studied for a long time. From silica gel mixing or product filling, all machines have passed strict scientific certification and have been manufactured according to Huawei's requirements. In fact, it is very difficult to be recognized by a large company. In addition to excellent technology, all aspects of the conditions should also be met, such as sending someone to stay in the factory for half a year and after-sales of the machine , find problems and solve them on site immediately. These are all satisfied. There is no such service for ordinary manufacturers. Of course, our company is also in order to cooperate with large companies.
  In Huawei fast filling glue, our company adopts the resin glue filling and sewing machine, which is a non-standard floor type automatic glue filling machine. It adopts a super large working platform with four glue outlets. The fixture can place 16 quick filling machines vertically, 16 horizontal ones, 256 on one board, and 256 fast filling glue on one board. The production speed is fast, the operation is simple and the use is easy. Our company needs to survive according to these Production of resin glue filling machine, each time filling time can not exceed 3 seconds, speed requirements are also very high.
  Our company has always been in touch with the technology of dispensing, dripping and pouring glue. The demand can be raised and can be customized. There are too many hardware molds, and it is impossible to produce a caulking machine for every kind. Only when there is a demand and the manufacturer's requirements, can we make it according to its production, and the effect compliance becomes higher. This is the main reason for the glue pouring equipment to be customized, which is different from the general standard machine In the same way, it can be directly modified, and can also meet the requirements of glue pouring. For example, Huawei needs to use two-component glue for quick filling. The viscosity, mixing ratio and pouring speed of two-component glue should be satisfied in all aspects before it can be used for production. It is difficult to achieve the standard machine type. It is also necessary to change the pouring machine for other hardware mould, sometimes it is not suitable When trouble, the general glue filling equipment is to be customized.