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An overview of the automatic glue dispenser industry

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China's reform and opening up has been nearly forty years, with the opening of the implementation of the policy of many western advanced production technology has been introduced in China, including the commonly used in the production line to the dispensing, dispensing technology after the transformation and long-term changes gradually applied to various production work, automatic dispensing technology is a major changes in dispensing industry.
Double head hot melt adhesive machine
The main product sales market is almost automatic dispensing dispensing machine performs automatic dispensing work, operator is only responsible for the equipment during the execution of the normal operation of transfer and dispensing dispensing finished products to consumers, the cost burden is very small, so the rubber industry was once the leading automatic dispensing machine, automatic dispenser for dispensing industry the ratio of the larger, most of the manufacturers of machine research and development direction of dispensing is automatic dispensing machine.
Three axis automatic glue dispenser
Today many dispensing machine manufacturers such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, at the same time a large number of low-quality automatic dispensing machine is full of China's market is most dispensing, these folk mimic the appearance of products, the automatic dispensing machine without making a general rational system, normal dispensing automatic dispensing machine has many problems when shoddy, serious and even involved to the security problem, the risks can not be ignored. In addition to the function and efficiency of the glue dispenser, the manufacturers of due competition need to pay special attention to the safety.
Double position automatic glue dispenser
The automatic dispensing robot market demand for further expansion of the western developed countries have started to develop to a dispensing work, save the equipment and manpower cost advantage, so that the relevant industry once caused concern and vigilance, in order to catch up with the western countries the level of development of science and technology, research and development not only focus on the automatic dispensing machine. By learning to think outside the box out of manufacturing equipment to obtain the further recognition of consumers.