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The hidden danger of light pollution in the upstream lightin

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The LED lamp is the same as an indispensable tool in our daily life, the lights can help us better work, with the development of LED industry, a variety of different lighting function have appeared on the market, there are many with intelligent lighting slogans in the sale, which may exist light pollution problems, there is a certain relationship this automatic dispensing machine.
Automatic dispensing machine is the lighting industry a common dispensing equipment, is mainly responsible for the implementation of lighting phosphor coating on the lamp tube, high-end occasions is usually used in intelligent lighting lamp light source, which is mainly realized by the automatic dispensing machine, precise alignment phosphor in the lighting lamp, the lighting lamp can evenly with a light source lighting to help, regardless of how to improve the production process requirements of automatic dispensing machine can perform this kind of work.
In fact no matter what kind of lights are just some light radiation, light radiation intensity is not high enough to not cause light pollution, sometimes automatic dispensing machine can not accurately control the quantity of cement, the fluorescent powder on the lights too easily lead to a large number of light radiation pollution, light radiation more easily bring certain influence to the normal life and the environment, can see the light or infrared ultraviolet radiation pollution, so the automatic dispensing machine easily lead to improper operation of light pollution.
General dispensing machine operators need to have certain professional knowledge to start operation, automatic dispensing work mode does not require human intervention, as long as the transfer of finished products and adjust relevant parameters, parameter setting is best done during the commissioning phase, avoid the light pollution light product use.