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Common problems and effective methods of visual automatic gl

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General dispenser equipment used for a long time there will be some problems or dispensing mechanical problems, these are very common problems, because the dispensing machine in the operation process there will be some loss or replacement of equipment have some errors, so no matter what kind of dispenser will have this problem, visual automatic dispensing machine no exception, need some correct aspects can reduce the probability of occurrence of these problems.
Familiar with the structure of the visual automatic dispensing machine we need, so know how to remove and install the dispenser, because these parts are fit, so need to be installed in accordance with the original model in the installation process, and can not appear a little gap, have basic skills can be installed.
The visual dispenser is the most common problems are generally several, such as visual control, wire drawing, glue, glue leakage does not equal, these are usually the most problems, due to the emergence of more times, the solution is, in addition to the visual control technology, the other is relatively easy to solve.
The factors caused by the concentration of glue drawing is not low, suck back slowly, as long as we find out is the solution which can be used once, if the glue concentration is not low, this is the need to add new glue, the glue in the comparison of harmonic mixing, if the suction speed, determine whether the suction valve is if not, can increase the pressure, but the leakage problem of rubber will need to replace a large number of needles, let the pressure to form pressure will not appear leakage problem, problem of leakage glue is generally caused by these.
Visual control is the most important part of visual automatic dispensing machine, because it relates to the accuracy and repeatability of dispensing, and finally relates to the quality of products. Therefore, it is necessary for professionals to carry out the regulation and control of visual system, otherwise it will be prone to problems. The unequal appearance of the glue dispenser in the visual glue machine is that there are bubbles in the glue water, and the glue can be used to remove the air.