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Characteristic and performance description of peristaltic au

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Peristaltic automatic dispensing machine is also called high speed dispensing machine, because of the use of the pump body is different, so the two. There are some differences, the market has seen a dispenser of different types, each type are similar, just some parts change, such as the diversity of automatic dispensing machine can, in a gradual increase the scope of the use of the dispensing position in the market more and more high.
This is the biggest characteristic of dispensing pump body, the pump body is called peristaltic pump, with the pump body is generally different, the difference is that the pump can only by the way, so you can use any concentration of glue dispensing, no longer need to be arranged according to a certain proportion, which can facilitate the automatic glue dispensing.
Many industries for dispensing requirements are more stringent, so use different glue need early trouble so wasted too much time, and some of the rubber barrel is relatively small, can not put too much glue, it will affect the production efficiency of dispensing machine, using a peristaltic pump can reduce these links, direct dispensing this is the inchworm type machine, automatic dispensing machine advantage.
The performance of dispensing machine is almost the same as that of peristaltic dispenser. Each dispenser has its own dispensing properties, and different properties make it suitable for different industries, which is also conducive to the competitive market. Performance is the biggest selling point of the glue dispenser, according to the different performance application, for example: the peristaltic automatic dispensing machine has good glue control technology, so it is used for micro glue.
There are many features and performance of peristaltic automatic dispensing machine. It is more complex to use word description to write, so there is no one to list, and the key performance and characteristics have been listed.