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Is the injection type glue dispenser high precision at prese

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Jet dispensing machine is modified in the dispensing machine three axis platform and system automation concerns many manufacturers of great capacity, high speed jet dispensing machine can be developed, high speed, high accuracy and high repeatability of the dispensing work, and industries with a very high degree of popularity this is why, in the system has its important reason in the dispensing industry, industry application solutions very experienced, can be used for bottom filling, cavity filling, paste, coated wafer parts maintenance, fit seal, commonly used in semiconductor packaging and assembly production such as SMT, red glue Underfill, FPC element package LED package and microelectronic assembly sealing and dispensing place. So does this high speed spray machine choose trouble? What are the points for attention in the spray automatic dispensing machine?
The jetting machine on the table has the characteristics of small size, expansibility and strong operability. The system is equipped with the latest visual design system and dispensing control software developed by China, which can finish the precise location of the products with geometric patterns and finish the precise dispensing process. It is widely used in the range of mobile phone border, hot melt adhesive, camera module dispensing, PCB point glue, FPC dispensing, underfill, chip package and microelectronics assembly.
The middle dispensing dispensing machine has the characteristics of highest speed in the industry, high precision positioning, and every device has been tested in layers until the market. Many years of experience in developing dispensers, manufacturers and customers are trustworthy brands. China Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has always held the idea of thinking for the users, making more quality spray type dispenser for users.