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How is the effect of the precision automatic glue dispenser

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Each industry production of different products, the production of products materials are not the same, some sectors of the requirements of the production process of products is also very strict, so the glue dispensing precision is particularly high, so how precise automatic glue dispensing dispensing effect? Can satisfy the requirements for high-precision?
In fact, the requirements of precision automatic dispensing machine are very high, and the dispensing accuracy is the same. But many external objective factors seriously affect the dispensing accuracy of the automatic dispensing machine during dispensing process, which affects the dispensing accuracy of dispenser mainly in the following three aspects.
1, the mechanical system, that is, the accuracy of mechanical axis movement: first of all, the machine itself. The precision automatic dispensing machine is a contact dispensing equipment, so the error of dispensing products and setting tools has great influence on the accuracy of dispensing. When the error of dispensing products is too large or even exceeds the accuracy of dispensing, the accuracy of dispensing will be seriously affected, and the quality of dispensing products is also not guaranteed. In the actual operation process, the error can be reduced by adjusting the area of the product, the range of the glue, and the stability of the device. So the glue operation is generally set according to the product itself.
Then there is the motion error of mechanical axis. Generally speaking, the system of stepper motor + belt drive, the dispensing error is within + 0.05mm, which is enough to satisfy most common products. If a higher precision is needed, a servo motor and a silk bar guide can be used, and the accuracy can reach to 0.01mm.
2, the impact of glue hair: the glue valve will also affect the accuracy of the glue, high precision demand glue can be used to use foreign glue valves, so that the accuracy of the words more high.
3, the impact of glue: the more sticky the glue is, the easier it will cause drawing and tailing. It will also affect the dispensing effect of the automatic dispensing machine.