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What problems need to be paid attention to by microelectroni

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Dispensing dispensing dispensing industry demand is very high, the general dispensing cannot meet the electronic dispensing requirements, many domestic enterprises are using large multi axis machine and electronic industry for dispensing dispensing, dispensing valve and control system of the dispensing machine use is the most advanced, with simple operation and dispensing technology good, such as dispensing machine market is still relatively rare a.
Some problems of large dispenser microelectronic dispensing needs attention, otherwise it will affect the quality of products, this is the dispensing machine accessories are top equipment at home or abroad, rarely have problems, these problems bring dispensing here, just to prevent this problem, can not solve the stabilization, and affect the whole production schedule.
The general need to prevent the leakage of glue and drawing, two kinds of problems appear occasionally, there is a certain reason, because the screw type dispensing valve of large multi axis dispensing machine use or contact dispensing, dispensing needles and dispensing valve between the pair is not successful, it will directly affect the product dispensing. The dispensing needle is too small and will affect the dispensing valve back pressure, will not be able to suck back glue, glue dispensing needle will follow the flow to the product.
To solve the above problems, a large number of direct replacement needles, which can prevent the occurrence of these problems, other problems are basically does not appear, when operating the large dispensing machine, need to understand clearly what product dispensing program what the large point gum machine microelectronic dispensing must pay attention to operational problems, the quality of offset a little bit of product effect.