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The effect of the full automatic glue dispenser on the appli

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With the continuous improvement of production process of rectifier, automatic dispensing equipment used in bridge rectifier in the production of more and more, all need to use automatic dispensing machine to complete bonding in insulating plastic package the rectifier silicon chip and external connection bridge. The bridge rectifier dispensing with automatic dispensing function to improve the overall quality of the production efficiency and production.
Compared with the ordinary dispensing equipment, automation, high precision dispensing equipment is more popular by the market, has played an important role in the bridge industry. For example, the chip package of the rectifier bridge, the plastic package of the external insulation of the rectifier bridge, and the packaging operation of the external packing of the finished product of the rectifier bridge. Its application is mainly reflected in all kinds of plane connection, seal of rectifier tube and encapsulation of silicon chip, sealing, fixing, moistureproof and dustproof. Therefore, the effect of dispensing is directly related to the normal operation of rectifier bridge.
Because automatic dispensing machine has high efficiency and precision dispensing, control the quantity of cement and other advantages, can reduce operator workload; can be a substantial increase in the production of products on the stability and reliability, and also for the manufacturers to reduce the labor and material cost, convenient operation, quick maintenance, can effectively improve the the work environment characteristics.
The advantages of automatic dispensing machine fully fit the needs of all bridge rectifier in the production process, so the automatic dispenser can be used in bridge rectifier rectifier bridge by industry, love and industry and attention are attached to the inside of these reasons. And with the increasing of rectifier industry market sales, for the application of all automatic dispensing machine will improve a grade.