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What industries can be applied to the use of a jet valve for

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Visual automatic dispensing machine dispensing equipment is a full-featured outstanding performance, high precision vision automatic positioning to strengthen the precision of dispensing equipment, so that the glue can accurately and completely fill in the surface of the product, whether it is used in product packaging or adhesive links play an important role in industry production, degeneration, vision automatic dispensing machine can also configure automatic glue injection mode valve to achieve high efficiency, application of automatic dispensing glue with visual function will be more widely.
Use a jet dispensing machine to strengthen the effect of coating and bonding effect in production, and the configuration of the visual function of automatic dispensing injection valve is more powerful for the industry more vision automatic positioning system can more accurately locate the dispensing products, so that the filling effect of the product is more uniform, injection valve glue atomization treatment rubber products to further enhance the bonding area and the bonding effect, there is no need to perform Z shaft rubber dispensing efficiency has been improved, fundamentally eliminate the problem of poor glue drawing.
With jet visual function automatic dispensing glue for production of more comprehensive industry, the product can be used in bonding links of the furniture industry, high precision glue glue is fully covered on the surface of the furniture, bonding effect is more comprehensive and stable, improve the production of furniture production. Can also use visual jet dispensing automatic dispensing machine in precision production line, determine the size of the products of vision automatic positioning by high precision positioning spray glue, the coating effect of the product is more uniform, to avoid excessive glue spraying and affect the appearance and normal use. www.668866.com