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What is the skill of a spray automatic glue dispenser

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Have a great relationship with jet type automatic dispensing machine using the skills with the use of accessories, the most unique is the jet dispensing, there is a big difference with the previous dispensing mode, dispensing valve used is not the same, which belongs to the new model to understand the jet type automatic dispensing machine is what you need to understand the use of skills. What accessories.
The first is a large jet type automatic dispensing machine using the injection valve to replace the traditional dispensing valve, this valve can make the dispensing machine non-contact dispensing, is to reach a certain high-end will use strong extrusion pressure dispensing, then open the dispensing valve, make the rapid injection, and use a jet can not use needles it can, to reduce the effect of dispensing accessories.
And the use of positioning system, the general dispensing machine in the process is not all in order to order the product ordered or fixed a position to do glue? Large spray dispensing machine does not need such trouble. As long as it is in the range of positioning detector, it can do glue dispensing, reduce several troublesome steps, and save a lot of time.
The dispensing process need is speed and accuracy, both are basically able to meet domestic demand dispensing industry, in addition to glue industry, speed is generally high speed dispensing machine only, accuracy is a good precision dispensing machine, injection type automatic dispensing machine has two kinds of dispensing technology, the use of accessories are not open, high speed dispensing and precision dispensing machine is a simplified version of the large dispensing injection parts, large type automatic dispensing machine use is a very good technology, this is the jet dispensing techniques of automatic dispensing, dispensing can be the effect of up to higher.