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What is the effect of the spray type glue dispenser on the p

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The dispensing machine selection is to choose what techniques are usually based on the effect of dispensing and dispensing speed, because the two is an important factor to decide the enterprise when profitable, choose any dispensing equipment are the same, only help will choose on the production, application of jet type automatic dispensing machine in the production line can be quickly for dispensing, dispensing and dispensing effect and very fast.
Assembly line production mode is a mode of the domestic application of the fastest, almost large and small manufacturers are using the production line, jet dispensing machine can also be used in the assembly line, called on-line dispensing means in line jet dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine has such a title, just to hear. It is called jet dispensing machine, the same can be used in production line.
Jet dispensing machine automatic dispensing, dispensing velocity can reach 800 times per minute, dispensing speed is very fast, for the production of more than Dzodzo, dispensing accuracy is very high, the ordinary jet dispensing machine can achieve the precision of 0.001ml, if the automatic detection system with performance, jet dispensing machine this is more good, do not need to sort the product can be directly used for dispensing, dispensing speed up. 非接触式www.668866.com