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Whether the glue can be dispensed with a large automatic glu

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Large automatic dispensing machine is in Manufacturing Automation Co. Ltd. proud products, in performance beyond a lot of dispenser, dispensing theory problems in the dispensing process, but also there will be some special circumstances lead to problems: for example, dispensing plug, glue, glue mixing ratio control problem debugging error the adhesive time adjustment and so on, glue, these are the main reasons of the problems.
With the mobile phone TP large dispensing machine as an example, these a mobile phone touch screen frame for dispensing device, the mobile phone production for technical requirements are very strict, each step can not appear the flaw, otherwise it will affect the stability and the whole product concept, especially mobile phone TP dispensing, the most intuitive and for dispensing knowing and understanding all operate large automatic dispensing machine, so as to avoid the problem of dispensing.
The general mobile phone TP automatic dispensing machine will not be a problem, because most of the operator for familiarity process and dispensing equipment, because the dispensing machine is to control in his hand, so the training of operating personnel needs, in order to reduce the problems in the mobile phone TP dispensing.
Mobile phone TP automatic dispensing machine in addition to the operator's control, still need to pay attention to some details such as: glue dispensing, adjusting the concentration, suction pressure, use glue speed, these are the reasons to influence dispensing dispensing problems, as long as the good control of these factors, we can avoid the problem of mobile phone TP automatic dispensing dispensing machine.
The above are the methods to reduce the glue problem of the TP large automatic glue dispenser, and try to avoid the problem in the glue process.