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What kind of glue machine in China can point the camera modu

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The development of the domestic machine industry is slower than foreign dispensing dispensing equipment, can point the camera module or some, such as desktop visual automatic dispensing machine and large automatic dispensing machine, dispensing machine two is able to meet the requirements of camera module dispensing, camera module can meet the need of high precision control and adhesive technology, or not to ensure the quality of module.
Two kinds of dispensing machines are able to meet the needs of manufacturers to withstand dispensing, dispensing equipment which, for dispensing large automatic dispensing machine, dispensing the effect will be more stable, and does not require manual cleaning and dispensing equipment, selection of desktop visual automatic dispensing machine, in after the completion of the work, the need for cleaning the dispensing valve hose and pressure drums, will not have the difference in the dispensing.
At present, the domestic production of dispensing machine and production technology are greatly improved, the high-end products do not need to use foreign dispensing machine, the glue dispensing precision and other aspects have great progress, choose the price of domestic dispenser also offer some, desktop visual automatic dispensing machine and large automatic dispensing machine is a good example, excellent products is also the manufacturers of automation system.