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What kind of glue machine is used to spot the camera module

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The camera module is a high precision products, using mobile phone camera all know, is a very important part of the mobile phone, the dispensing process can not have any problem, we need to use the dispensing machine is very strict, and is composed of several parts of module combination, greatly increased the difficulty of dispensing. A desktop visual automatic dispenser can be used in the module.
No matter from the camera module for dispensing, dispensing or from the price, can be used in these high-end industries in general only large automatic dispensing machine, only have this function and technology, desktop visual automatic dispensing machine is equivalent to a large scaled down version of the automatic dispensing machine, just put the dismantling of some non durable accessories. The large number of parts replaced with high-quality parts, this desktop visual automatic dispensing machine can be applied to the camera module dispensing.
In addition to high precision dispensing, dispensing dispensing continuity is also very important, the production of a period of time there is a problem, will greatly affect the speed of dispensing, dispensing problems appear will also affect the enterprise production cost, or has a lot of benefits for the development of enterprises to use desktop visual automatic dispensing choose the machine machine, not because of price and the choice, but because of the quality and the choice of.
Desktop visual automatic dispensing machine has several cases in the camera module for dispensing, the feedback of the manufacturers, the effect and quality of dispensing are satisfactory, also proved that the desktop visual automatic dispensing machine is very suitable for the use of camera module dispensing, dispensing equipment correctly, not only can improve the profits of enterprises also, to accelerate the development of the enterprise.