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The effect of spray dispensing machine in visual dispensing

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Visual dispensing system has made important achievements in dispensing industry. What is the difference when it is used in spray dispensing machine? The gantry spray dispensing machine is a kind of equipment with visual dispensing system made by Chinese automatic equipment. It is mainly used in Mahjong industry for spraying paint. The following is a brief introduction to the application effect of visual system in spraying equipment.
CCD visual dispensing system
Advantages of spray dispensing equipment
Mahjong is one of China's traditional cultures. It is quite popular all over the world. It is well known that there are many different patterns and figures in mahjong. How to spray the mahjong to ensure the appreciation of the products and to ensure a better recognition of its appearance? The general automatic dispensing machine can not meet its production needs. However, it can set the dispensing path, but it is only the same type of words for coating, the effect is not good, and easy to lead to different color mahjong spray, the use of visual dispensing system spray dispensing machine is not the same, you can detect the pattern of mahjong, and then spray with the pattern to ensure the effect of mahjong spray paint.
Mah Jong lacquer
麻将喷漆 Does not cause common dispensing problems
视觉喷射式点胶机 The use of gantry spray dispensing machine can also ensure that mahjong spray paint will not appear glue wire drawing problems, general equipment using low-concentration glue easily cause wire drawing problems, because low-concentration glue water activity is relatively high, so slow back suction is easy to cause glue wire drawing, and gantry spray dispensing machine can eliminate such questions In addition to the visual dispensing system, the use of spray dispensing valve is first-class, the spray valve is completely sealed, spray finish, immediately close the glue valve, will not operate the wire drawing problem, and visual dispensing system can detect the glue volume, reach the scope of the shut off the glue valve, will not lead to glue wire drawing problem.
Visual ejector dispenser
Important requirements for mahjong spray painting
There are 136 pieces of mahjong. There are 36 different spraying requirements. Some of them are very complicated. To make the color of mahjong font bright without affecting the aesthetic feeling, it is definitely not feasible to use automatic dispensing machine. It is necessary to use gantry spraying dispensing machine with visual dispensing system and spraying dispensing machine without visual dispensing system. The machine can not meet the requirements of mahjong spraying, but the use of visual system can be achieved in 10 minutes to the mahjong requirements of the paint completely coated, which is the advantage of advanced technology, resulting in glue drawing problems will not appear.