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Transparent crystal glue dispensing equipment for selecting

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Transparent crystal glue is mainly used in crafts, which is related to the quality and aesthetic feeling of the products, such as: crystal album using crystal glue, mixed with glue in the United States, and glue does not affect the visual sense of the United States, but also can increase some visual effects, which is the use of gantry crystal glue machine using transparent crystal glue. Glue is the main reason for dropping glue in crystal albums.
Transparent glue
The industry of crystal glue application
The production of crystal album dripping glue generally needs a relatively large machine, while one-time production of multiple albums, which can prevent glue solidification time is not long enough, and rotational production, to ensure production efficiency, which is why we develop gantry type crystal glue machine, transparent crystal glue use is also a bit exquisite For the use of equipment also has some requirements, crystal adhesive will directly affect the quality of crystal album and display effect.
Two liquid dispensing valve
Choose glue valve according to the properties of crystal glue.
Crystal adhesives have two types: single liquid and double liquid. Single liquid needs to select single liquid dispensing valve. Double liquid needs to use double component dispensing valve. In crystal album, single liquid glue is used to dispense glue. Glue, the cost of production is relatively low, daily replacement of accessories and cleaning is more convenient, crystal glue bonding in the industry is relatively simple one, the use of gantry crystal glue machine, as long as the dispensing route equipment is good, there will be no bonding problems, transparent crystal glue use is a relatively simple one.
The dispensing needle
Transparent crystal glue using gantry crystal glue coating machine, there are two major advantages, first, fast production, second, glue coating effect is good, crystal glue bonding is the most exquisite glue quality, if the quality is not in place, it will affect the quality of products, such as: crystal album glue dropping, there is a deviation in the effect of glue dropping, where It is easy to lead to the lack of aesthetic feeling of products, which is not conducive to the sale of products.