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n automobile flasher, glue filling machine can be used.

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More and more automobile parts are used to automatic glue filling technology. From manual glue dispensing to automatic equipment glue dispensing, this is a qualitative progress. The glue filling machine in automobile parts can be two-component glue filling machine. This is a kind of glue filling scheme developed in China, which is applied to automobile flasher filling. The glue is excellent.
Automotive flasher irrigation
Advantages and disadvantages of using two component and one component glue
Two-component glue filling machine is a machine made in China that can use two-component glue. For example, the glue used in automobile flasher filling is organic silicone. Silica glue has two-component glue and single-component glue. Organosilicon rubber is the role of two-component silicone gel effect will be better than single-component silicone gel effect, production is also more troublesome.
Two liquid glue filling machine
Silica gel mixing ratio
Before filling automobile flasher, it is necessary to prepare the mixing ratio of organic silicone gel. The two kinds of gel water can be divided into AB gel, A is organic silicone gel, B is hardening gel, and two gels are mixed to strengthen the curing effect of organic silicone gel. Not very suitable, the proportion is consistent will not cause glue blockage, and the performance of silicone gel is also completed to play out, the effect of silicone rubber is fully played out.
Two liquid glue filling machine
双液灌胶机 The advantages of glue dispenser
In the automotive industry dispensing or filling, the requirements for dispensing technology is not too high, after all, automotive parts are too large, for dispensing accuracy is not high, the use of two-component glue filling machine can basically meet the production accuracy, then what choose glue filling machine as automotive flash filling equipment? The main reason is that the amount of glue and glue on the glue, glue has been said, say glue, two-component glue filling machine using double liquid dispensing valve, super glue control, can quickly fill the flasher.