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Mahjong spray paint selection jet dispensing machine has mor

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  Mahjong spray paint to use this effect requires a certain technology, spray paint is currently one of the better dispensing industry technology, mainly in the speed and spray paint, spray paint can make glue in the product form a film, both to meet the visual aesthetic, but also to meet the requirements of mahjong spray paint, the use of ordinary types of dispensing equipment It is difficult to complete production needs.
Equipment for selecting mahjong paint
  Mahjong development from the use of wood manufacturing to the use of glass manufacturing, each mahjong has a pattern, and these patterns are more consistent with the previous manual coating method of production, the effect is not only slow, but also coating ugly, and then gradually developed dispensing machine coating method, although the coating effect has changed, but according to However, it can not get the best effect, but also cause glue wire drawing, the production effect is greatly backward, after years of development and foreign learning, developed a gantry spray dispensing machine, is a visual dispensing system and high-speed dispensing valve equipment, used in Mahjong spray paint, the effect is unexpectedly good.
  Effect of using jet dispenser
  The gantry spray dispensing machine can satisfy the effect of mahjong spraying, and also uses visual dispensing system and high-speed dispensing valve, which can eliminate the problem of glue drawing. This is the effect of production demand. How to meet the production demand? In fact, with the spray dispensing machine accessories have a direct relationship, mahjong spray paint selection is the use of high-speed dispensing valve, can meet the production needs, but the use of plunger dispensing valve is not so effective.
  Products can be reduced.
  Gantry spray dispensing machine is specially developed for low concentration glue. Like high speed dispensing valve, visual dispensing system can reduce the problems of mahjong spraying paint. Glue wire drawing by this method no longer exists. New generation of products can solve the problems of the previous generation. Gantry spray dispensing machine The effect will be effective, and mahjong spray paint has been successful examples, so the use of gantry spray dispenser is worthy of affirmation.